11/11/96 - 1/5/09
Gone but never forgotten
Windy winning BOB under judge Pat Trotter
Wicca shown here winning Best in Sweepstakes at the GSPCA Nationals. Breeder judge Dr. Donald Schwartz, DVM

Luna shown here going Best in Sweeps shown by her sire's owner Paul Owens of UnWillyn GSP.

  The German Shorthaired Pointer is a hardy dog who makes a great companion in the field or the home. GSP's are a very active and intelligent breed, they require mental and physical stimulation. Obedience training is a must for this keen, active breed. GSP's make wonderful companions and are very fun to have around. They also go by the nickname, "The Velcro Pointer," since they love to be with their people. They do not make the best yard or kennel dogs. Remember this dog was bred to be a working hunting dog and may chase cats or other small pets. They need to have plenty of exercise and attention or they can be destructive or noisy.