MX Ch. Aelwyd Solstice at the Stones, NA, CGC, TDI


elwyd Solstice at the Stones, call name Stoney. The Solstice at the stones is an reference to the Celtic celebration at Stonehenge.

  Stoney is our 1st cardigan and he is a wonderful friend. He is the puppy nanny, my fun agility partner and a friend to all he meets, he is an official AKC Canine Ambassador. TDI certified and a AKC Canine Good Citizen.

  He was bred by Karen Harbert of Aelwyd CWC of Tuscon, AZ and he is co-owned by my friends and kennel partners Linda and Kevin Flynn, Keltic GSPs of Milton, MA.

Aelwyd Solstice at the Stones
(Ch. Sisterwood's Ambler x Ch.Aelwyd Have Dessert First)


Stoney's puppy face

Stoney has been nominated for the American Kennel Club’s Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) in the Exemplary Companion Dog Category:

The American Kennel Club Awards of Canine Excellence were created to recognize deserving canines that have performed some exemplary act, whether large or seemingly small that has significantly benefited a community or individual.

Companion Nominees


Stoney take the breed!
Judge Robert Forsyth makes our day!



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    Stoney loves agility, sometimes he loves it more than he should! He runs wild on the course, you would think a dog with 2 inch legs wouldn't be able to fly but he sure can. This photo is courtsey of Phyllis McDonald and can also be seen on the AKC website on the Agility Trial Manual page. Thanks Phyllis.