Our latest competition news will be listed below. Check back often to see what is up with the Dogs of Solstice!


  Since we do more than show in the breed ring this is the place to see our latest performance news. The AKC has Companion events which include the Agility, Obedience, the CGC and the new Rally-O. Performance events include Field events, trials and hunt tests, Tracking, Herding and other breed specific events.

PJ completed his Rally Novice title and Frost and Charlie completed their AKC Star puppy classes.


RGODC March 29th and 30th - Stoney Novice A = NQ both days but had FUN!

Obedience, GCG and Rally - O

PJ completes his RN
Frost and Charlie are AKC STAR puppies
Dimple dog gets her CGC
Stoney gets his CGC and TDI
Stoney 3rd Pre Novice - Concho KC 5-17-03
Brother Larry -Am/Can. Ch. Keltic's Larah Helios v. Syracuse 1st leg Novice A
Brother Larry complete his CD!

Other Performance events

Sister Lena completes her Master Hunter
Dimple dog completes her Jr. Hunter title
Sister Lena completes her 2nd and 3rd leg of her Sr. Hunter
Sister Lena completes her Sr. Hunter!
Sister Lena completes her 1st Master Hunter leg

Stoney Performance News
second NA leg with a 2nd place at the RGODC agility trial, March 28, 2004.
Stoney get his third NA leg and his title with a 1st place at the VVKC agility trial, November 6, 2004.