Rescue Dogs - Love the Second time around!




Sigfried and Me
This is crazy Sigfried the Bad.  Spent 14 years sleeping on my bed.

  Since the belief at Solstice is that if you breed it is your responsiblity to support rescue no ifs, ands or buts! I am the local rescue contact for GSP and CWC and from time to time have rescue dogs available for adoption. Cardigans go through our National rescue system and German Shorthairs are adopted out locally. Please be aware that I screen homes for rescues just as carefully as I do my homebred puppies.

A Success story!

  Tori has been adopted by Heidi and Roland Porth in Washington. Thanks to all involved in finding her new home.

Dogs we have helped go to their forever home!

Snert - the beginning of Solstice, my 1st GSP was a rescue and he lived with me from the time he was 8 months old to his death at 11 years old. What a guy.

Sigfried the Bad - He was with me for almost 14 years, a truly crazy dog.  This dog would have been euthanized if he didn't live with me. But he loved me more than life and it was his craziness that led me to an Obedience class which led me to AKC dog sports.

Lane (GSP)- Lane was a rescue dog that ended up living with me for 3 or 4 years. Lane was a Delta Society therapy dog and she went to live with a nursing home administrator and went to work every day.

Max (GSP)
Robbie (GSP)
Tristan (GSP)

Ripley (Pembroke Corgi)
Charlie (Pembroke Corgi) Fostered for the local Pem rescue
Enzo (Pembroke Corgi) Fostered for the local pem rescue.

Tori (Cardigan Corgi) a success story! Tori has been adopted by Heidi and Roland Porth in Washington.